Modern Mixtape Disclaimer


We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Spotify®, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates. The official Spotify® website can be found at The name “Spotify®” as well as related names, marks, emblems and images are registered trademarks of Spotify®.


Spotify® Codes are owned and controlled by Spotify®

  • Because Spotify® Codes are controlled solely by Spotify®, we are not able to guarantee how long the code you choose to use will be scannable and functional with the Spotify® app.  If Spotify® makes changes to their software or does away with these sharable codes, we unfortunately have no control over these changes and therefore are not held liable for them.


Music can be removed from Spotify®

  • Spotify®’s library of music is updated regularly.  Though this means that new music is being added all the time (yay!), it also means that sometimes music is removed.  We unfortunately have no way of knowing what songs or artists Spotify® will offer or for how long.  This means that there is the unfortunate chance that the Spotify® Code you choose to use on a product may become unscannable or non-functional at some point in the future if the song or artist is removed from Spotify®.


Free vs. Paid Accounts

Spotify® Codes act a little differently depending on if you are scanning them with a Spotify® Free or a Spotify® Premium app

  • When scanning a Spotify® Code with a Spotify® Premium account, a Code that leads to an individual song or track will begin to play as soon as the Code is scanned. 
  • When using the unpaid version of Spotify® (“Spotify® Free”), you do not have the ability to choose an individual song or track to play on demand.  If a Spotify® Free user scans a Code for a song, the album that the song appears on will appear instead and you will have the option to shuffle play that album.
  • If you are purchasing an item for someone who uses Spotify® Free, we do not recommend using a Spotify® Code for an individual song as the user will not be able to see which song was chosen.  You can instead add your chosen song to a playlist and provide the Code for that playlist.  A Spotify® Code that leads to an artist, album, or playlist will take you to the page for the respective choice.  Both free and paid versions of Spotify® will then have the option to play music from that page.