Rose - 2 Piece Gift Set- Journal, Jewelry

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Sunny Lark’s Gift Box for Women is the perfect gift to give! The gift box contains an original leather journal that boasts a beautiful floral design, and a premium sterling silver necklace.. We have three different floral options you can choose from. Our gift boxes feature a detailed sunflower, an unfolding rose, and an eye-catching lotus. You can personalize this gift making it the perfect gift for her! You can choose her favorite flower, or you can choose a flower that shows how you feel about her. The sunflower option features a beautifully detailed sunflower engraved on the leather journal with great texture, really capturing the natural beauty of a sunflower. The sunflower necklace has great detail and is stamped 925 sterling silver. If she loves sunflowers this is the gift box for her! Our rose option has a beautiful unfolding rose engraved on the journal cover, and contains a realistic rose charm.  Roses represent love and passion, show her how you really feel with this gift box. Lastly, our lotus gift box contains an eye-catching realistic lotus design on the journal, and a beautiful sterling silver lotus necklace. The lotus represents a new beginning, joy, and happiness. Give her the perfect, personalized gift that shows you really thought about her!