6oz Candle-Sunflower Embed

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Sunny Lark Flower candles feature a detailed, 3D lotus in a vibrant rich pink tone and a detailed, 3D popping yellow sunflower. The 3D flowers are beautifully contrasted against a creamy white base. The candles come in two different size glass jars, 3 oz or 6 oz. The glass jars are simple and do not compete with the 3D flowers on top. The frosted glass jars can also be repurposed and used over and over again in your home. Our candles and fragrances are clean and high-quality ingredients. We did not sacrifice quality nor did we add any harsh chemicals to create these lovely, soft scents. The wax is a 100% lead-free soy wax blend, and our candles do not contain any kinds of paraffin or alcohol. The candles are safe for your home and environment. The soothing lavender lemon, and sage-scented candles are sure to bring these calming, natural scents into your home, creating peaceful soothing environments.