3D Anatomical Heart Charm - Gold Plated Sterling Silver

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3D Anatomical heart charm is made of 14k gold plated, solid 925 Sterling Silver. This is a 3-dimensional anatomical heart charm. Check out the images to see the front and back. 

Dimensions: 22mm x 14mm (7/8" x 9/16")
Sold as charm only - Purchase does not include a chain.
Lifelike heart charm comes in a gift box.
*PLEASE NOTE: Our gold plate is 40 micro inches (1 micron) thick. It is a gem quality plate. Many people have had negative experiences with gold plated jewelry that has a thin wash of gold as little as 1 micro inch thick. Our gold plate is 40 TIMES as thick, at 40 micro inches (1 micron). We find this thickness to be extremely durable.