Working Compass Anchor Necklace - Sterling Silver

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Anchor with real compass...The compass works! This is our original design. It's a unique, working compass necklace where N rotates to always point North. It makes a great graduation gift with the compass to guide their new path while the anchor keeps them grounded.
The anchor and outer casing of the compass is 925 Sterling Silver (the back is sterling as well). 16" or 18" Snake chain included.
Dimensions: 40mm x 32mm (1 9/16" x 1 1/4")

Available in 3 options: Charm Only, 16 inch snake chain, or 18 inch snake chain. Please choose from the available options. If you would like a different style chain or longer chain, select charm only and browse our large selection of sterling silver chains.

New, Arrives in a Gift Box, Guaranteed 100% Genuine 925 Sterling Silver

*Due to the nature of this item, a small bubble may appear when the compass is lying flat.