Heart Shapes Confetti Pack, Basswood

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Need some heart confetti to celebrate? We have the perfect, biodegradable confetti that can be used for multiple celebrations! From a graduation party all the way to wedding decor you can use our heart confetti! It’s the perfect birthday confetti as well as wedding confetti! This specific heart blend is also perfect for engagement decorations or table decorations - or to celebrate your child’s birthday!

We carefully designed and cultivated each piece of our balsa wood confetti. We even carefully selected our balsa wood. Balsa wood is highly sustainable and safe for the environment and we specifically chose ours for the color and durability. Each piece of our heart blend was designed with a party in mind! The sizes of the different pieces are sized: ¾” x ¾”, ⅝” x ⅝”, ½” x ½”, and ⅜” x ⅜”. You can also refer to the listing images for sizing information and to see the shapes. 

You can use this confetti for table decor, cake toppers, stuffing for a gift box, it is safe to toss, and it is biodegradable confetti. Each bag comes with a blend of 100 pieces making your celebrations complete! This confetti is a fun, easy, and creative way to celebrate! Whether you’re a busy mom trying to celebrate a birthday, celebrating an engagement, a teacher celebrating graduation, a boss that's retiring, or just a family celebration -  we thought of you when we made this product!